3 Best TH12 Attack Strategy for 3 Stars (Clash of Clans) (2023)

Hello Clasher, you might be wondering which is the best TH12 Attack Strategy and how you can 3 star any TH12 war base or farming Base. In this article, you will learn Most effective attack strategy for TH12 Which will help you in your Clan war league and Normal War.

These are the three town hall 12 attack strategies you need to use for 3 stars.

Zap Witch Attack Strategies

let’s start with the zap witch a very simple way of looking at this is by using the lightning spells and earthquake against two different Inferno Towers on opposite sides this is where you’ll bring the 4 lightning and 1 earthquake method in order to remove them easily.

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Try to use the lightning spells around the infernos so you can also remove other defenses around there which just makes it a lot better for your witches in general. you then want to go in with your witches in the middle in between the two against the third Inferno Tower the eagle artillery and the Town hall if all of that is on the left or right side only you might want to use wall breakers or super wall breakers to break open that compartment to make it easier and not to have any problems with your witches as you send them in.

so when you’re using this you’re going to start off with your zap Quake 4 lightning 1 earthquake now the other thing that you will want to consider is then going ahead and using your tanks this is going to be either Golems, ice Golems, or supergiants as you enter into the base.

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so you’re going to use them by spreading them out. now of course, the other thing that you will want to do is then send in your Log Launcher or Wall Wrecker whichever you have available I would prefer the log launcher over the wall wrecker any day as you can send in your witches and your Heroes into the base.

This attack doesn’t really have a lot going for it all you have to really do is let your witches kind of spam the skeletons will kind of do their own thing as well as the heroes work themselves in and some of the witches and of course, your heroes in the core use a grand warden ability.

This is really going to provide a lot of support for everything in there it’s going to make them survive a little bit longer your log launcher is going to deal a lot of damage from a distance so it’s going to be a really easy time for them to move through of course the other thing that you’ve got is Rage and whatever you have in the CC usually I want to save that rage spell for the town hall this is going to to have in your clan castle be either in Ice golem, Pekka or Double Yeti I personally like the Ice golem, Pekka.

since it really has so much HP and pretty much you get a free freeze and a ton of damage without even needing to use a rage that will just allow you to easily remove the town hall and then the rest of the base is history where you can get a simple 3 star with Zap witch attack strategyy.

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Queen Charge Hybrid Attack Strategies

The first thing you’ll do is with the Queen charge that Queen charge is going to try and get paddling to remove the enemy clan castle so you want to clear one side of the base with your Queen charge the other side of the funnel is going to be done with the Siege Machine of your choice.

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The Siege Barracks is really good on narrow and more rectangular bases while the Flame Flinger is better on wider and more thicker bases than really anything else it just provides you with a lot of support it allows your hybrid to go through in between the two funnels depending on the base.

So when you set this attack up you’re gonna need to funnel your queen it should be pretty obvious since you’re using a queen charge baby dragons and sneaky goblins are gonna be your best bet.

Baby Dragons are great on any building just make sure to bring a balloon but then also sneaky goblins are great on resource buildings and there’s really no downside to that.

As you enter your queen in try to protect her with rage spells if she’s taking too much fire or you’re or you know that she’s gonna be taking a lot of damage and of course dealing with the Enemy clan castle make sure you drop a poison and you should be able to easily deal with that with no problem.

The other side of the funnel is going to be done with your king and the siege machine of your choice whether that is the flame flinger to remove something like an inferno compartment or just clearing the outside of the base with the siege Barrack it really depends on the base that you’re hitting and of course how much value you can get from it.

lastly, the hybrid to be sandwiched in between if you’re not going into it and you were able to remove it with the queen charge or you’re going to be hitting it a little bit later on, or if it’s in the core use the first heal spell then use your grand warden ability whether that’s right after or right in the core and then use your final heel spell on the back end.

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All in all you really just want to find a combination that suits you that can keep your Miners and hog riders alive that should be the main thing that you really need to look out.

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Queen Charge LavaLoon Attack Strategies

The Queen Charge Lavaloon is the best lava loon attack strategy right now in the game pretty much the main gist of it of how you want to break down a base is to create a wedge in there.

You mainly want to make sure that what you’re doing is clearing out the enemy CC and the enemy Queen those are your two primary objectives and then your third one is of course getting pathing and any high-value defenses.

such as the Eagle Artillery, Infernos, and Air Defenses despite them not being high value they’re kind of high value to a Lalo and it helps with pathing but of course, other things such as the town hall if possible but if not you can still Lavaloon into the town hall you will want to save your grand Ward ability for it.

So otherwise, you’re creating a C shape for your lava loon portion to easily move across so similar to the hybrid you’re going to funnel her baby dragon Sneaky Golems are really good but this is where you can actually use the king to funnel the queen since you’re not really sending it in with the something like a hybrid and trying to sandwich your Lalo in between.

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You’re gonna use that King to funnel your queen to go in the right direction make sure you have him placed further away though just so the healers don’t switch onto the king now the other thing that you will need to do is just try to keep those rage spells and keep using those in order to make sure that that Queen stays alive.

But don’t use them all willing just use them in areas that you’re going to need them you’ll get the most value from it and you’ll keep your queen alive against stuff such as those high-value defenses and of course the enemy Queen and CC.

After your queen charge has gotten a fairly good portion of the base you’ll then send your lava loon portion in the lava loon portion is pretty much going to usually use a surgical format but you don’t necessarily need to follow that just drop in some groups of balloons around with at least one or two Lava Hounds and you should be completely fine.

Think of it like a river pretty much what you’re doing is you’re creating a stronger sort of river to move across the base that’s how you want to treat your Lalo so when you’re using that you’re going to use the haste spells to get to those high-value defenses specifically Splash buildings stuff such as the Eagle Artillery, The Inferno Towers, Wizard towers are all the buildings that you should get to sooner rather than later.

This is where you’ll use that Grand Warden ability to protect all of your balloons from either damage from other buildings or the Town Hall’s death bomb so that is something that you will need to consider and then of course you’ve got minions on the back end for cleanup or there are minions in general right behind the Lalo to easily clean up so you don’t get a Time fail.

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I would prefer the Queen Charge Hybrid attack strategy because it is more easier than Queen Charge LavaLoon and both works really fine so you don’t have to worry about it.

Hope you like our Guide for TH12 attack Strategy if you want to copy Th12 war base layouts or any other Townhall Base Layout you must bookmark our website because we post all new Latest anti 3 star war bases for every townhall FREE.


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