Attack on Titan ep 84 release time (S4 ep 25) as an unlikely team emerges to save the world (2023)

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What time will Attack on Titan episode 84 (S4 ep 25) release worldwide for international streaming and has an official preview been shared online?

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Attack on Titan is barrelling towards its destiny and the final ever episode of the iconic anime series, with only four instalments left to air.

However, with so much of the original manga content left to adapt and so little TV time left to utilise, many members of the community are theorising that a feature movie could be on the horizon.

Whilst we have another four weeks of epic content to look forward to, it will be fascinating to see how episode 84 traverses the available manga content; will we see ‘filler’ content or a rushed adaptation?

All our questions will be answered in episode 84 (S4 ep 25), but what time will the new Attack on Titan instalment release for international streaming?

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Attack on Titan Episode 84

— Attack on Titan Wiki (@AoTWiki) March 5, 2022

Attack on Titan episode 84: Release date and time

The 84th episode of Attack on Titan (S4 ep 25), also commonly referred to in the community as season 4 part 2 episode 9, will release worldwide on Sunday, March 6th.

The new episode will be delayed by 10 minutes in Japan this week but fans shouldn’t worry, the delay is unlikely to impact the premiere of episode 84 for international fans. You can find more information on the delay here.

Attack on Titan episode 84 (S4 ep 25) will premiere on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu from the following international times:

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  • Pacific Time – 12:45 PM PST
  • Central Time – 2:45 PM CST
  • Eastern Time – 3:45 PM EST
  • British Time – 8:45 PM GMT
  • European Time – 9:45 PM CET
  • India Time – 2:15 AM IST
  • Philippine Time – 4:45 AM PHT
  • Australia Time – 7:15 AM ACDT

The episode will then release for free at the described times from March 13th.

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Anime : Attack On Titan

— Gandalf  (@WeebAhmard) March 4, 2022

Preview shared online for Attack on Titan episode 84

The TV preview trailer for episode 84 was shared following the ending theme last week, revealing the title for the upcoming instalment to be “Night of the End.”

The narration on the preview trailer says, “Enemies are made in the chaos of war. We hated, loathed, and killed one another. What lies beyond the campfire?”

The official Japanese website for Attack on Titan has also provided the TV story caption for the new episode:

“Before the war, there was our enemy. We have hated, despised and killed each other. Beyond the bonfire now are those with different “justice”.” – Episode 84 Story, via

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Attack on Titan Episode 84 Preview

— Attack on Titan Wiki (@AoTWiki) February 27, 2022

A quick recap of episode 83

Attack on Titan episode 83 was titled “Pride” and opened with Hange and Levi escaping into the forest, killing two Jaegerists who were following them.

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Captain Levi is suffering from some extremely gruesome injuries, losing two of his fingers and needing extensive stitching to wounds on his face. The pair have encountered Commander Magath and Pieck Finger on the outskirts of Shiganshina, where they are explaining how they now find themselves fighting towards the same goal; stopping Eren and killing Zeke.

The scene switches to Conny, who is taking Falco to Ragako Village so that he can feed the young Warrior Cadet to his Titan-mother. Conny initially tries to calm Falco down by saying that they are there to “brush the Titan’s teeth”, but when Armin and Gabi show up, things take a dramatic turn.

Conny is about to feed Falco to his Titan-mother when Armin climbs above the Titan and offers to sacrifice himself in Falco’s stead, jumping directly into her mouth. Thankfully, Conny comes to his senses at the last second and saves Armin, confessing that all he wants to do is become a soldier that his mother could be proud of.

Mikasa then visits Louise in the hospital, who is dying because of Thunder Spear shrapnel that is unable to be removed. Saying a rather emotional goodbye, she says that didn’t regret following Mikasa in joining the Scouts, who leaves by taking Eren’s scarf back.

We then see Conny, Armin, Falco and Gabi enjoying a pie in a nearby town when they are shocked to find Annie sitting right next to them, “stuffing her face” as Conny puts it. Hitch comes back to the table to find that Annie has left a note, explaining how she has decided to join the Scouts once again – thanking Hitch for the time she spent with her during her imprisonment.

Back in Shiganshina, Floch is about to execute Yelena and Onyankopon for being conspirators in Zeke’s plan. However, Jean decides not to follow through with Floch’s orders as the Cart Titan suddenly appears, taking both prisoners and Jean away from the Jaegerists.

The newly-formed team make their escape, with the group now consisting of Mikasa, Armin, Conny, Jean, Falco, Annie, Gabi, Onyankopon, Pieck and Magath, with Yelena being offered to Magath for her role in the war. Episode 83 concludes with Reiner waking up to find the group standing over him…Conny says that they are going to save the world.

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Armin: Make up your damn mind

— Attack on Titan (@AoTJewels) March 6, 2022

The Rumbling music video finally released

Attack on Titan has featured some of the most iconic opening theme songs in recent anime history and season 4 part 2 added to that legacy with The Rumbling, by Japanese rock band SiM.

This week, the band finally released the full feature music video for The Rumbling which, of course, is all themed around Attack on Titan.

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The opening sequence has been watched more than 41 million times on Pony Canyon’s YouTube channel.

However, the song’s success is not limited to YouTube, with the Spotify track being streamed more than 39 million times!

The Rumbling also became the number 1 song on the US Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs Chart in late-January.

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Animating the infamous Yelena-face from Attack on Titan episode 77

Attack on Titan season 4 has already had countless memorable moments, but one of the most shared and talked-about scenes involved Zeke’s puppet, Yelena.

After Armin claims his support for Zeke’s euthanisation plan, Yelena stands over him with a horrific (and hilarious) expression on her face.

Interestingly, director Yuichiro Hayashi recently spoke about the task of animating Yelena’s face in such a way during a special fan video, reported by ComicBook.

Hayashi thanks his previous work on Kakegurui for giving him the inspiration for the expression, stating that he was “pretty good at stuff like that.”

“When you see that face, you wonder what kind of emotion’s behind it…Also in that desolate scene, there is a moment of comic relief, or rather horror. Having a moment like that is unique to this series. And we want to recreate the manga’s atmosphere to the animation. Like a surreal comedy.” – Yuichiro Hayashi, via ComicBook.

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Yelena and Connie have something in common,making weird faces.#AttackOnTitan #shingeki #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2 #AttackonTitanFinalSeason#進撃の巨人

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— Yuzukahachimir (@yzkahchimir) February 27, 2022

By Tom Llewellyn – [emailprotected]

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