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Shark cage diving is the ultimate activity for thrill seekers. These apex predators are feared by people all over the world, thanks to the release of movies such as Jaws and The Shallows.

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So, what better way to get your heart racing than to dive into these creatures’ natural habitat?

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Shark cage diving isn’t only enjoyed by thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. In fact, in some areas of the world it has become a popular tourist attraction.

One area of the world where this is true is Florida. Florida is well-known for its sandy beaches and blue waters, and it has a pretty healthy shark population too.

If you are a Florida resident who fancies giving this activity a try, or you are visiting Florida and want to get your heart pumping, then you probably want to know what places are the best for shark cage diving in Florida.

This activity should only be completed in the presence of experts, and that is why you should approach a company that runs shark cage diving trips if you want to give this a try.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Florida based companies that offer shark cage diving. So, keep on reading to find out more!

Florida Shark Diving

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First up, we have Florida Shark Diving. This company was the pioneer in shark diving in the Sunshine State, and they are the longest running shark diving company in the State.

If you have an interest in sharks, then Florida Shark Diving is the perfect company for you because they offer lots of different ways for you to observe these magnificent creatures.

As well as shark cage diving, you can also free dive with sharks, and watch sharks from the comfort of your own boat.

But, for now, let’s focus on their shark cage diving packages. Florida Shark Diving offers daily shark cage diving opportunities in Florida Keys, Miami, and Palm Beach, Jupiter, all year round.

This company is perfect no matter your diving experience as they cater for professionals, but also cater for first time divers too. This means that no matter your experience in the water, Florida Shark Diving will look after you.

In this trip, all diving equipment is included in the cost. Additionally, iced water and sports drinks will be provided to keep you hydrated while you are out at sea.

Florida Shark Diving has an outstanding reputation for being able to see sharks on every single trip – so it is perfect if you want to get your money’s worth.

Some of the sharks encountered on these trips include great hammerhead, tiger, bull, silky, dusky, spinner sharks, and more.

With bases in 2 different areas of Florida, Florida Shark Diving is a safe choice if you are visiting the State, and daily shark diving opportunities mean that you will definitely be able to squeeze this into your trip!

Miami Shark Tours

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Alternatively, if you are visiting the Miami area of Florida, then the best company for you is probably Miami Shark Tours. Just like Florida Shark Diving, Miami Shark Tours runs daily trips out to sea – giving you plenty of opportunity to see these magnificent animals in your trip.

The cage diving trips at Miami Shark Tours are perfect for you, no matter your diving experience. With experts in the field looking after you, you will be safe at all times when you are out at sea – allowing you to simply enjoy the experience and the thrill that it gives you.

However, if you are a more experienced diver, and want to take it one step further, the company does also offer free diving with sharks for those who are certified.

The Florida water is perfect for seeing sharks because it is crystal clear, and Miami Shark Tours recognizes this. With water temperatures averaging around mid 70-80s, you will be comfortable in the water, allowing you to simply enjoy the magnificent activity that goes on beneath the water’s surface.

The people who run Miami Shark Tours are incredibly experienced, with more than 10 years diving experience in the areas that you visit.

They know what they are talking about, and this makes the experience even more enjoyable for you. With the chance of seeing tiger, hammerhead, and reef sharks, you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience, which is why you should definitely consider Miami Shark Tours.

Calypso Dive Charters

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Finally, we would recommend considering Calypso Dive Charters. While this company’s website can be a little tricky to navigate, they have a lot of experience with shark cage diving in the Florida area.

Calypso Dive Charters are based in the St. Riviera Beach area of Florida, giving you yet another area to explore while observing sharks.

For the price, you will get to spend 3 hours out at sea, watching sharks and observing the rest of the sea creatures that live off the coast of Florida.

Also included in the price is the hire for a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins, but you will need to bring a towel and sunscreen along with you. Additionally, the company offers a video of your trip that can be purchased as an add-on to the original price.

Unlike the other 2 companies that we have looked at, Calypso Dive Charters does not offer shark cage diving every single day.

Instead, this company only operates on the weekends, which does mean that you will need to plan your trip a little more carefully.

However, on this trip you will get the opportunity to potentially encounter great hammerhead, sandbar, lemon, nurse, tiger, and silky sharks. So, it is definitely worth having to wait till the weekend!

If you aren’t too sure if shark cage diving is for you, Calypso Dive Charters is the perfect company to go to. As well as shark cage diving, they offer a range of activities that will allow you to see sharks – they will look after you, and that is what makes them such a great company!

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have taken a look at some of the best shark cage diving companies in the state of Florida, let’s take a look at what you should consider before choosing the right company for you!

What Is Included in the Price

First things first, it is important to check what is included in the price that you are paying for the dive. Some companies will only include actually taking you out to sea and the cage rental in the cost, whereas other companies will include snorkel gear and wetsuit hire in the cost.

Before you choose a company, it is best to find out exactly what you are paying for, and what you need to bring with you in order to avoid confusion or disappointment.

The Sharks That You Might See

If you are a shark enthusiast, then you are probably planning on going shark cage diving because you want to see specific sharks.

The sharks that you are able to see when cage diving off the coast of Florida will be restricted by the types of sharks that live in these areas. That is why it is best to research which sharks you may be able to see before you book.

The majority of shark diving companies have operated in these areas for a number of years, and because of this they have become experts in their fields. So, it is best to check out a company’s website and find out what sharks you might encounter before you commit to that company.


It goes without saying that safety should be your utmost priority when it comes to shark diving. By all accounts, this is a safe activity, and there are barely any shark attacks attributed to this style of shark diving.

However, to ensure that you are as safe as possible, it is best to research a company thoroughly before you book.

All the companies that we have spoken about in this guide have a lot of experience in shark diving in Florida, and because of this they are safe options. But, if you are considering a newer company, it is best to research their experience before you book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Scary is Shark Cage Diving?

Ultimately, this will depend on whether, or not you are afraid of sharks. But, for most people, shark cage diving will be at least a little scary.

After all, most things that are considered to be thrilling activities need to have an element of fear to them. But, shark cage diving is one of the safest ways to dive with sharks, so while it can be scary, it is also safe.

Do You Need Scuba Certification to Cage Dive?

Some companies may ask that you have scuba certification in order to cage dive with sharks. However, the majority of shark cage diving companies use snorkeling gear, rather than scuba diving gear.

They also tend to cater to people of all experience levels, so you usually will not need scuba certification in order to cage dive.

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How much does it cost to cage dive with sharks in Florida? ›

Florida Shark Diving has been free diving safely for years in our local waters. These trips are designed to provide up-close encounters and world-class photographic and video opportunities and are for experienced shark divers only. *The cost is $300 per person for a full or half day.

Can you cage dive with sharks in Florida? ›

Florida Shark Diving is a world class shark diving charter boat that brings people of all experience levels up close and personal with premier shark species. Cage Diving, freediving, and Viewing trips are available. Join us for a day of adventure with the sharks of Florida.

Is cage diving with sharks worth it? ›

A cage dive with sharks is straining both physically and mentally, but it is well worth it. Even though you will know that you are perfectly safe in the cage, it can still be a very scary experience to be within touching distance of the relatives of Jaws. Would you like to dive with Sharks?

Can a shark break a diving cage? ›

In 2007, a commercial shark cage was destroyed off the coast of Guadalupe Island after a 4.6-metre (15 ft) great white shark became entangled and tore the cage apart in a frantic effort to free itself. Tourists captured video of the incident, which quickly spread throughout the Internet.

How long do you stay in a shark cage? ›

A trip normally takes between 3 -4 hours depending on the shark activity.

What is the best time to go shark diving? ›

Average season (March to May & October to November)

Never knowing when and where to expect the sharks is part of the adventure. Some of the best sightings have occurred in Autumn - especially when the large (4m+) females arrive in the shallows!

Can sharks bite through shark cages? ›

Whilst in reality a shark is very unlikely to take a bite out of a cage - a metal box is unlikely to seem like an appealing meal, any person who gets into one will want to make absolutely sure that even if a curious young shark does decide to take clamp it's razor sharp teeth into the cage the metal is strong enough to ...

Where should you punch a shark? ›

If you're being attacked and fighting back, try to avoid the dangerous mouth and go for the gills behind the mouth near the pectoral fins. A good shot to the gills can also do the job: “The gills are very sensitive – giving a shark a whack in the gills isn't a bad idea.” Are you carrying anything with you?

What sharks can you not keep in Florida? ›

Sharks that are prohibited from harvest in state waters include:
  • Atlantic angel (Squatina dumeril)
  • Basking (Cetorhinus maximus)
  • Bigeye sand tiger (Odontaspis noronhai)
  • Bigeye sixgill (Hexanchus nakamurai)
  • Bigeye thresher (Alopias vulpinus)
  • Bignose (Carcharhinus altimus)
  • Caribbean reef (Carcharhinus perezii)

Can you keep black tip sharks in Florida? ›

No minimum size limit. 1 shark per harvester or 2 sharks per vessel, whichever is less. Must be Landed in Whole Condition – A person harvesting a shark shall land each shark in whole condition.

Where is the best place to swim with sharks in Florida? ›

Join Florida's #1 Shark Diving Experience

Florida Shark Diving has perfected the game of getting you up close and personal with sharks in their natural surroundings. Palm Beach is home to some of the largest numbers of sharks in the world.

Why do sharks not bother divers? ›

They also tend to stay where waves break, so visibility is impaired. To a shark, from below, they can be mistaken for a seal or other animal. Divers spend most of their time under water, where the shark can clearly see that they pose no threat and are not their food source.

Can you go shark cage diving if you can't swim? ›

Do I need experience with scuba diving or snorkeling to go inside the shark cage? No! You only need to be able to climb down a short ladder and hang onto a handrail. We get many people who don't even know how to swim!

Why do sharks not bite scuba divers? ›

Humans, particularly neoprene clad humans are simply not on their list of favored foods. By and large sharks will tend to avoid contact with people.

Has a shark ever saved a human? ›

A shark attack ended up saving a man's life. In July 2015, Eugene Finney was swimming off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, when he felt something smash into his back, the Washington Post reported.

Has a shark ever attacked a scuba diver? ›

Yes, sharks do attack divers, whether provoked or unprovoked. However, attacks are extremely rare, as sharks do not view scuba divers as a particularly appetizing prey.

What do you wear in a shark cage? ›

Most importantly bring your swimsuit/bathing costume. We recommend some warm clothes – even in summer it can get chilly at sea. A camera, sunscreen and a hat/cap in summer or a beanie in winter.

How deep do shark cages go? ›

How deep is the cage in the water? The cage remains afloat with about one foot of the cage above the water at all times. The cage is also solidly attached to the boat with two thick ropes that further prevent it from sinking or drifting away from the boat. The bottom of the cage is about six feet below the surface.

How do you breathe in a shark cage? ›

Surface cages are supported by a system of floats. Divers are provided with weight belts that allow them stand comfortably on the bottom of the cage with their heads just below the surface. People breathe through our hookah air supply system. (It is sometimes possible to use a snorkel.)

How much does it cost to cage dive with sharks? ›

Cost: $300 per person, up to 6 guests per trip. Sharks Seen: Mako, Blue, Hammerhead, and Great White Shark.

How much does it cost to go shark fishing in Florida? ›

Shark fishing trips are $500 and last 4 hours.

Where can I pet a shark in Florida? ›

All members of the family can safely enjoy this Encounter from the comfort of our tank deck while touching and feeding the adult nurse sharks. All members of the family will love the hands-on interaction of this exclusive shark feeding encounter at our Marathon aquarium!

How much does it cost to go deep sea diving in Florida? ›

We have a full complement of rental equipment, along with over a hundred mask/fins/snorkel sets to fit all ages and group sizes.
Trip Prices.
TripPrice per person
2 Tank Dive Trip$85.00*
1 Tank Night Dive Trip$70.00*
1 Tank Tech Dive Trip$90.00*
3 Tank Dive Trip$125.00
4 more rows

Can sharks smell period blood? ›

Any bodily fluid released into the water is likely detectable by sharks. A shark's sense of smell is powerful – it allows them to find prey from hundreds of yards away. Menstrual blood in the water could be detected by a shark, just like any urine or other bodily fluids.

How deep does a shark cage go? ›

How deep is the cage in the water? The cage remains afloat with about one foot of the cage above the water at all times. The cage is also solidly attached to the boat with two thick ropes that further prevent it from sinking or drifting away from the boat. The bottom of the cage is about six feet below the surface.

What is the best time of year to shark fish in Florida? ›

May, June and July are the best months for big fish. Spring and fall we catch larger numbers of fish. In the winter, February and March, we catch loads of sandbar sharks.”

What beach in Florida is known for sharks? ›

“The deadliest beach in the US is Florida's New Smyrna Beach, with an overall danger score of 8.14,” Travel Lens said. “New Smyrna Beach had more shark attacks than any other beach at 32. This was more than twice as many as any other US beach.

What months are sharks most active in Florida? ›

This pattern explains why shark activity is at its peak in Florida waters during April through October, which coincidentally, is also the time period that humans are more likely to be in the water. Yet shark bites still remain very rare.

What place in Florida has the most sharks? ›


According to Florida's Shark Attack File, August and September are the two months historically known for the most shark attacks and the vast majority of them happen on the coast of Volusia County.

What time are sharks most active in Florida? ›

Avoid being in the water during low light hours (dawn or dusk) and at night when many sharks are most active and feeding.

Is deep sea diving risky? ›

Unfortunately, yes. Like any activity in the natural environment, there are inherent risks in diving that can never be fully eliminated. However, with proper training and when following sound diving practices, the likelihood of a fatal accident is low.

How deep is the lady luck wreck? ›

Location: The Lady Luck is located approximately 1 mile SE of Hillsboro Inlet in Ship Wreck Park, Pompano Beach, at a depth of 126 ft. Description: The Lady Luck is 324 ft. long, 50 ft wide tanker that rises to nearly to 60 from the surface at her mast.

How deep can you free dive in the ocean? ›

For most swimmers, a depth of 20 feet (6.09 meters) is the most they will free dive. Experienced divers can safely dive to a depth of 40 feet (12.19 meters) when exploring underwater reefs. When free diving the body goes through several changes to help with acclimatization.


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