City Of Heroes - Villain List (2023)

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Archetype Descriptions:


The following are villains that I have run into personally, and are arranged in the order you are most likely to meet them. I plan to eventually collect data on all of the villain types you can encounter in the game, but for now you might try CoH Portal or one of the other web sites. I'm also only going to include the "typical" villains, the ones you can encounter during normal missions from your Contacts. There are various zone specific villain groups, like the Hydra of Perez Park, the Minions of Igneous in The Hollows, or the Spirits spawned by the Ghost Ship, but I won't cover those.


Threat Level: Low (Levels 1-10)
Origins: Natural, Magic
Damage Types: Physical, Fire
Minions: Blood Brothers
Lieutenants: Fallen
Bosses: Damned
Locations: Galaxy City, Atlas Park, Sewers, King's Row, Perez Park

The Hellions are a street gang that apparently have some sort of contact with an occult power. They are very interested in occult relics and artifacts, and often abduct psychics or other people they feel may be a threat to them. Beginning Hellions are called Blood Brothers, and are inducted into the gang with a ritual that involves bloodletting. The Hellions are involved in gang wars with the Skulls.

The Hellions are one of the two gangs new players will run into most often. (The others are the Skulls) The Blood Brothers are pretty straightforward gang members, with the anarchy symbol on their shirts. Fallen and Damned wear demonic masks to mark their greater power, and the Damned throw fireballs that can be very damaging to Blasters and Defenders. Lower ranking gang members use more conventional weapons, from simple baseball bats and axes for the Blood Brothers, to shotguns and machine guns for the Fallen.

Hellion hideouts are some of the most interesting in the early game, as they are filled with smoke from fires that are left burning all over their lairs. These fires are apparently part of their rituals, and they don't seem to be disturbed by the choking smoke and soot. The Hellions have also taken to starting fires in Steel Canyon, leading to the fire department recruiting heroes to help them.


Threat Level: Low (Levels 1-10)
Origins: Natural, Magic
Powers: Physical, Dark Energy
Minions: Gravediggers
Lieutenants: Death's Heads
Bosses: Bone Daddies
Locations: Kings Row, Sewers, Perez Park

The Skulls are a street gang, like the Hellions. They do not appear to have as powerful an occult connection, however, although they obviously have a love of death and violence. Their initiation rituals apparently involve digging up dead bodies, as beginning Skulls are called Gravediggers. All Skulls wear skull masks, and really don't attempt to distinguish the minions from the higher levels. The Skulls are involved in gang wars with the Hellions, and are also preyed upon by the followers of Vahzilok.

The Skulls are the other street gang that a beginning player will often meet. Skull Bosses can be INCREDIBLY powerful, as they have a Shadow Maul that does massive damage to any Blaster or Defender that is foolish enough to let them get in range. Even Tankers and Scrappers can be hard pressed to handle them. Fortunately, the lower level Skulls use conventional weapons, like the Hellions, baseball bats, axes and knives, and shotguns for the Death's Heads.


Threat Level: Low - Medium (Levels 1-15)
Origins: Science
Damage Types: Physical, Fire (explosions), Toxic (darts, vomit), Dark Energy, Radiation
Minions: Reavers, Cadavers, Abominations
Lieutenants: Mortificators
Bosses: Eidolon
Locations: Kings Row, Boomtown, Perez Park, Faultline, Sewers, Steel Canyon

The followers of Vahzilok are a disgusting army of zombie corpses, brought to life by some sort of abomination of science. Their ranks are obviously formed of abducted innocents, as they are often seen confronting civilians or even Skull gang members in order to gain new recruits. It's not known whether their victims become Reapers, or are slain by the Reapers to become the grotesque Cadavers. Details about their creator is sketchy, but he is apparently a supervillain named Dr. Vahzilok.

The Vahzilok should not be underestimated. They are extremely dangerous, especially to new players. The greatest danger is from the dart-firing Reapers and Mortificators, which use Toxic tipped darts that most starting Tankers have no defense against. The vomit of Cadavers and Abominations is also Toxic, although their punches are just plain physical. And if that were not bad enough, Mortificators have the ability to revive slain comrades, and many Cadavers (the "Embalmed" ones) carry bombs on their backs! The ranged fighters seem to have a bit of an advantage against this villain group, although they are very tough just in general.

The Bosses, or Eidolon, come in three "flavors", the Murk, Mire, and Luminous. Murk and Mire both use Dark Energy, and seem to differ only in how they use it, Murk concentrating more on attacks, while Mire use rooting powers like Tenabrous Tentacles. Luminous Eidolon fire Radiation blasts. All three types actually have root and hold powers, and will use them to disorient or stun a hero. It's also interesting to note that all three Eidolons come in both genders, making this group one of the few with female villains. Eidolons have a fondness for black leather, and along with the zombie Cadavers, and mad-doctor-like Reapers and Mortificators, this is one of the creepiest villain groups, period.


Threat Level: Low - Medium (Levels 1-30)
Origins: Technology
Damage Types: Physical, Energy
Minions: Sprockets, Cogs, Oscillators
Lieutenants: Tesla Knights, Cannon Knights
Bosses: Tesla Princes, Cannon Princes, Assembler Princes
Locations: Atlas Park, King's Row, Skyway City, Perez Park, Boomtown, Faultline

Clockworks are robotic entities created by the Clockwork King, a powerful super-villain. They are very intelligent, and able to repair and duplicate themselves, making them a perfect, self-sustaining army. Nearly all Clockworks have long ranged electrical attacks, making them extremely dangerous in combat. Clockworks do not seem to care one way or another about humans, but will aggressively attack anyone who enters their territory. They are nearly exclusively found near power lines and industrial parks, as well as junk yards. There are a few rare spawn points in Steel Canyon, including on the roof of the Technology Enhancement Store.

Most Clockworks fight mainly hand to hand, although they do fire electrical blasts from a distance before they close. When kited, they will fire back, which can be a problem for ranged fighters due to their high damage. Large groups of Clockworks can be VERY dangerous. The easiest way to take them out is to take them on one at a time, and if you're a Tanker with no Electrical resistance, close to hand to hand quickly. They are fairly vulnerable to physical attacks, so melee is a good way to take them out.

Sprockets and Cogs are ground-movers, but Oscillators are able to fly. The Knights, Dukes and Princes are that much tougher than their underlings, delivering more of a jolt at range, and more of a punch close up. When defeated, most Clockwork Bosses will explode into dozens of little Gears, which are fun to defeat if you're ready for them. The Assembler Princes are also able to summon Cogs and Sprockets to help them fight. Oddly, Clockworks are not resistant to Psychic attack, as you would expect for robots, and this may be a clue.

The Circle of Thorns

Threat Level: Low - High (All levels)
Origins: Magic
Damage Types: Dark Energy, Energy, Fire
Minions: Thorn Wielders, Defenders, Behemoths, Spectral Demons
Lieutenants: Life Mages, Soul Mages, Fire Thorn Casters, Behemoth Masters, Spectral Demon Lords
Bosses: Energy Mages, Madness Mages
Locations: Kings Row, Faultline, Perez Park, The Hollows, Sewers, Dark Astoria, Talos Island

The Circle Of Thorns is an organization of mages, who conduct unholy rituals in their quest for dark power. They are often after relics or other occult knowledge, although they have a great deal of power on their own, and wield powerful magic. They are extremely powerful because of their ranged attacks and dark powers to blind and disorient, and any hero would be wise to be careful around them. The Circle seems to have some contact with the Hellions, although that street gang is no more than a bunch of amateurs compared to the power of the Circle.

The Circle are infamous for being hard to find, spawning on rooftops where they are hard to reach. Fortunately, their ritual spells create a massive green explosion that can be seen for quite a distance. They can be dangerous to Tankers with physical armor, too, as their attacks have a Darkness component. The Thorn Warriors throw daggers, which can do quite a bit of damage, and Life Mages have healing powers. The most dangerous Mages are the Madness Mages, which can hold and sleep. All Mages also have a tendency to explode, so don't let them get close.

At higher levels, the Circle adds additional combatants to their forces, the huge, fire wielding Behemoths, and the ghostly Spectral Demons. Spectral Demon Lords are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, as they are highly resistant to physical damage, and thus are tough opponents for most Scrappers and Tankers. Blasters and Defenders can also have trouble with them as they have a powerful punch at melee range, and can blind you with their Dark attacks, and even regenerate health. They also tend to go invisible and flee the battle when it starts to go against them. It is best to take them out as quickly as possible, stunning or holding them if you can to keep them from running.

The Council

Threat Level: Low - High (All levels)
Origins: Natural
Damage Types: Physical, Fire, Ice, Sonic, Quantum, Dark with Equinox (vampires)
Minions: Penumbra Cor Leonis, Vortex Cor Leonis, Galaxy, Nightwolf, Equinox Parasite
Lieutenants: Adjutant, Elite, Nightwolf Champion, Equinox Adjutant
Bosses: Adept, Archon, Warwolf, Equinox Archon
Locations: Kings Row, Steel Canyon, Independence Park, Boomtown, Founder's Falls, Striga Isle

The Council, originally called the Fifth Column, was a powerful wing of the Nazi war machine during World War II. Directed against various American targets during the war, they went up against several superheroes including the Statesman. After going underground for many years, they have apparently resurfaced. Their leader, Requiem, is a superbeing who has survived since the war, and his intentions are unknown. He is apparently involved in a conflict with the Nictus, evil versions of the Kheldians, who infiltrated his organization and took it over. Most of the Council forces are soldiers, with a great deal of talent and skill.

The Council weild a huge variety of different types of weapons, many powerful. Many have Martial Arts skills and can do considerable damage in melee. The large machine gun toting Minions can also be a threat, especially to ranged fighters. Other weapons wielded include grenade launchers, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and a sonic rifle. The Marksmen also have a clever sniper rifle that fires bullets that alternately set you on fire, and then freeze you. The Lieutenants and Bosses usually wield even more powerful, if conventional weapons. Since Council follow the convention of being named after their weapons, you can usually single out the ones that are the most dangerous. (Penumbra Elite Force, for example, are machine gunners. I usually watch out for the Grenade and Rocket users, as well)

On Striga Isle, particularly, the Council have experimented with creating werewolves and vampires, and have succeeded dramatically. Many of their higher ranking officials are Equinox, or vampires, although the Warwolves are too mindless to be controlled and have been turned loose to rampage in the Bog of Striga Isle. Because of the Nictus connection, there are also a large number of Quantum wielding Galaxies, and they can be found even in ordinary superheroes' missions. At the higher levels, there are also robotic weapons such as Zenith Mech Men and Hoverbots.

The Fifth Column

Threat Level: Low - High
Origins: Natural
Damage Types: Physical, Fire, Energy
Minions: Nacht, Nebel, Fog
Lieutenants: Unterofficer, Ubermenchen
Bosses: Captain, Major, Colonel
Locations: Kings Row, Steel Canyon, Independence Park, Boomtown

Although the Fifth Column was replaced by the Council, there have been hints that they may return in the future. Thus, I am leaving this entry in the villain list.

For the most part, the Fifth Column was identical to the Council of today. I did not get far enough to encounter the vampires or robots prior to the changeover to the Council, but I understand they were in the Fifth Column from the start. The names have been changed, though, and the Quantums have been added to the Council's ranks. Requiem is also somewhat more intriguing, as he is often working behind the Council's back to undo their plans. The Council spoken of in the name, apparently, is a body of leaders that the Kheldians took over, and Requiem isn't happy about their seizing power.

The Lost

Threat Level: Medium (Levels 5-35 or so)
Origins: Mutant
Damage Types: Physical, Energy or Radiation
Minions: Scroungers, Mutates
Lieutenants: Headmen, Anathema
Bosses: Rectors, Eremites, Pariahs
Locations: Kings Row, Skyway City, Boomtown

The Lost are homeless who have fallen under the power of a mysterious underground force. Originally coming from the deepest regions of the tunnels under Paragon City, it is assumed that there are huge numbers of them still in hiding. The Lost who appear on the surface appear to be only the tip of the iceberg, and the reasons for their appearance is still unknown. They appear to be under the complete control of their masters, the Abberant Rectors and Eremites, who are incredibly powerful, and can take down a beginning hero easily. The Rectors should be avoided, while their servants, the Scroungers and Headmen, can be taken on as long as their leaders are not around. The identity of Rectors is in some question, and may hold a clue as to the truth about The Lost.

The lower level minions are quite weak, and can be taken out easily. The hulking Headmen are the only real challenge, despite their somewhat ridiculous appearance. (They wear TV sets on their heads) Headmen either wield huge blades of an ornade design, or strange energy blasters that occasionally stun. Be extremely cautious of the swords, as they do a huge amount of damage, especially relative to the hit points of a Blaster, but the blaster weapons are not a very serious threat. As stated above, though, in the early levels avoid Eremites and Rectors at all costs. They have powerful mental abilities, and can easily stun low level heroes that don't have status resistance.

In the later levels, Lost tend to appear in pairs, with a gun-toting Mutant teamed with an Anathema. The Anathema is the real threat, as similar to the Bosses he has powerful mental holds. The fact that Lost come in these pairs is a bit of a relief, as you can concentrate on the Anathema and only have one Minion to deal with. Still, it can be annoying that these pairs are constantly found, and there are no easier Lieutenants around to give you a break. Once Paraiahs begin to appear, be very wary and take them on carefully, and on their own.

Low level Lost can be difficult to find, but some show up around the tunnel to Independence Port in King's Row. In later levels in their missions, Rikti begin to appear. (Which is where their weapons come from) Around level 30, the Lost missions are replaced by Rikti missions, and it is the Lost that are seen occasionally in their missions.


Threat Level: Medium (Levels 5-20)
Origins: Mutant
Damage Types: Physical, Energy, Fire, Ice
Minions: Outcasts
Lieutenants: Scorcher, Shocker, Brick, Freezer
Bosses: Lead Scorcher, Lead Shocker, Lead Brick, Lead Freezer
Locations: Steel Canyon, Boomtown, The Hollows

The Outcasts are a street gang made up of Mutants, who make their home in Steel Canyon. Even their lowest level members are still fairly strong, as they have Mutant strength and resistance. Except for Clockworks, Outcasts will probably be the first villains that heroes encounter who can use ranged attacks as Minions. Don't panic, though, because usually their attacks do not do a lot of damage.

The higher level Outcasts all have elemental powers, and their long range attacks do significant damage. Shockers also have the ability to fly. They use knives at close range, which do slightly less damage than their electricity, so there is no real advantage to fighting them either hand to hand or at range. Despite their ability to fly, they will usually just close to hand to hand range after a few blasts, hovering right in front of the hero's face, so there is no need to counter their ability. Other ranged fighters can be dealt with the same way.

Bricks, Freezers and the Outcast Crusher will close to hand to hand, so a ranged hero will want to kite them. The most unique of the bosses, especially for new players, is the Lead Scorcher, which is almost Controller-like in his abilities. In addition to closing to hand to hand, he will try to trap the player with his fire powers, and will even summon Fire Imps to help him fight.


Threat Level: Medium (Levels 5-20)
Origins: Science
Damage Types: Physical
Minions: Trollkin
Lieutenants: Gardvord
Bosses: Ogres
Locations: Skyway City, King's Row, Boomtown, The Hollows

The Trolls are a street gang that use huge doses of Superadine to give themselves superpowers. A side effect of this drug is that it turns their skin green. The Trolls are very dangerous, because of their super powers, and are far more than a simple gang. They trade Superadine with the Skulls and Hellions, but are not always on friendly terms with them.

The Gardvord are one of the most difficult Lieutenants in the game, because they have the regenerative power to overcome holds and stuns, and resist being knocked back. This makes it very difficult to avoid them, and since they have super strength, they pack a mean punch. Fortunately, they can be kited, and since no Trolls have very effective ranged attacks, this isn't difficult. Like the Outcasts, they are a challenge even to mid-level heroes, but not too much of a challenge.

Ogres can be a threat, because of their ability to use Foot Stomp, which has a chance to stun. They also have the ability to hurl boulders, but as mentioned this is not really effective, as long as you are prepared for the occasional knockback. As usual with Bosses, be careful with Ogres, but they should be fairly straight forward.


Threat Level: Medium-High (Levels 15-30)
Origins: Magic, Natural
Damage Types: Physical, Energy, Mind
Minions: Enforcers, Ink Men
Lieutenants: Sorcerers, Ancestor Spirits
Bosses: Iron Hands, Fire Dagger, Lightning Blade, Death Moon, etc.
Locations: Steel Canyon, Independence Port, Talos Island, Dark Astoria

The Tsoo appear to be an ordinary street gang with an oriental background, but in fact they are far more. Many of them have powerful magical abilities, and they seem to be on a par with the Circle of Thorns in their knowledge of the occult. They are all masters of the martial arts, and many use tatoos made with magical inks to give themselves even more power. They also worship Ancestor Spirits, which often appear to help them out in battle.

The Sorcerers are probably the single most annoying villain type in the game. The difficulty of missions after level 15 or so increases dramatically just because of their presence. They have powerful healing abilities, and can make it pretty much impossible to defeat any ally that they are protecting. This forces you to attack the Sorcerer in order to be able to do damage, which leaves you open to attack by the Enforcers, and the Sorcerer will teleport away to protect himself. If by random chance you happen to encounter two Sorcerers that can heal each other, you have a real fight on your hands.

The Yellow Ink Men, and to a lesser extent the Green Ink Men can also be a problem, because of their ability to sleep and disorient, respectively. Yellow Ink Men are particularly accurate with their sleep attack, and can be a real danger in the early levels, when even Scrappers and Tankers do not have status protection yet. The best strategy is to single out the Ink Men and Sorcerers, draw them and a few of their guards away from any nearby groups, and eliminate them as quickly as possible. If necessary, use a Sorcerer's minion to draw him back, do some damage to the Minion until the Sorcerer reappears, then quickly switch targets to the Sorcerer and clobber him. Watch out also for the Sorcerer's Hurricane, which can reduce your ability to hit. You may need to use Yellow Inspirations to overcome the power, and of course, it will also try to knock you back.

Ancestor Spirits can also be dangerous because of their great strength, which allows them to do massive damage in hand to hand. Fortunately, when hit fairly hard, the Spirits will turn invisible and retreat, allowing you to devote some time to dealing with your other foes. Keep Spirits at range unless you have to close to melee with them, and they should be fairly easy to deal with. Bosses differ depending on their power, you will have to get a feel for each of them individually to know the best way to defeat them.

The Family

Threat Level: Medium (Levels 20-30)
Origins: Natural
Damage Types: Physical
Minions: Button Men
Lieutenants: Capos
Bosses: Consigliere, Underbosses
Locations: Independence Port, Talos Island, Striga Isle

The Family is, well, the Mafia, or at least the branch of it in Paragon City. They pretty much fit the stereotype of Mafia gangsters, wearing three piece suits, carrying Tommy Guns, and demanding extortion from the businesses of Independence Port and Talos Island. They are also the traditional "owners" of Striga Isle, although the Council moving into the area has put a big dent in their control of the island.

The Family are, for the most part, relatively simple to deal with. Their Muscle fighters are extremely strong and resiliant, but if they are taken out first, and the Gunners and Buckshots dealt with afterwards, they are little threat to a mid level hero. The Bosses are the only real threat, as their Gravity powers allow them to hold their foes, as well as throw objects with the always entertaining Propel power. Unlike with the Tsoo, however, Scrappers and Tankers can usually put off encountering them until they have their status resist powers, and Blasters can simply pick them off first.

Sky Raiders

Threat Level: Medium (Level 20-30)
Origins: Natural
Damage Types: Physical, Fire, Energy
Minions: Raiders, Engineers, Wing Raiders, Porters
Lieutenants: Captains, Wing Raider Officers
Bosses: Sky Skiffs, Jump Bots
Locations: Independence Port, Terra Volta, Striga Isle

The Sky Raiders are a faction of mercenaries that use extremely high tech weapons. They are rumored to be connected to a Colonel Duray, who served during the Rikti War. After the war they took their technology and began to attack the heroes of Paragon City, as well as getting involved in various black projects. They appear to stay near Terra Volta as a place they can draw power from for their equipment.

Although for the most part they are fairly easy to deal with, the Raider Engineers are extremely dangerous for their ability to produce a Force Field Generator, which makes all of their allies much harder to hit. While the force fields can be overcome, it's a lot easier to simply take out the Engineers before they can place their generators. Wing Raiders and Porters can also be extremely mobile with their ability to fly and teleport respectively, so be aware of their capability and plan your strategy accordingly. As long as you don't let yourself be overwhelmed by them, the Raiders are fairly easy to deal with.

The Raider Sky Skiffs are probably one of the neatest Bosses in the game. They are actually little jet fighters, complete with a Raider pilot, firing missiles and machine guns. They can be difficult to deal with for heroes that do not have flying or a jumping ability that lets them get up to the Skiff's hover height. Jump Bots can also be fairly dangerous, but not too much so.


Threat Level: Medium (Levels 20-30)
Origins: Natural
Damage Types: Physical
Minions: Warriors
Lieutenants: Smashers, Slicers, Hewers
Bosses: Smasher Elite, Slicer Elite, Hewer Elite
Locations: Talos Island, Striga Isle

The Warriors are a street gang that idolizes the culture of ancient Greece, and believes in strength through combat. Although they do not have super powers, they are all extremely skilled fighters who are experts with various medieval weapons. Except for the Minions, who use various modern firearms, like most street gangs, Warriors all use either swords, maces, or battle axes.

Because of the physical nature of their attacks, Warriors are not particularly difficult to deal with. The Smashers and Hewers can stun with their attacks, but typically by this level a Scrapper or Tanker would have his status resistance power. It is interesting to note that the Warriors are constantly picked on by the Freakshow, and considering that they usually cower in fear of them instead of fighting back, it seems that the Freaks don't find them much of a challenge, either.

The Banished Pantheon

Threat Level: Medium (Levels 20-30)
Origins: Magic
Damage Types: Physical, Energy, Dark, Radiation, Fire, Mind
Minions: Husks, Chambers
Lieutenants: Shamen
Bosses: Totems, Spirits
Locations: Talos Island, Dark Astoria, Striga Isle

The Banished Pantheon first appear about the time you outlevel the Vahzilok. They are a sort of combination of the Vahzilok and the Circle of Thorns. The Banished Pantheon are "true" zombies, they are the reanimated corpses of the dead, rather than the sort of pseudo-robot organic construct that Dr. Vahzilok invented.

Apparently, the group responsible for the Banished Pantheon are a tribe of shamans who practice a sort of voodoo. The power BEHIND them, however, is an ancient sect of deities, who were apparently banished to another realm back before the dawn of recorded history. The Circle of Thorns appear to have taken on to themselves the task of keeping the entities locked in this realm where they have been imprisoned, and they are constantly trying to oppose the Banished Pantheon's plans.

The primary Minions of the Pantheon are the Husks and Chambers which are the zombies brought to life through the power of the Shamen. In addition to packing a powerful punch, they all carry shotguns which they can surprisingly use quite well. The Shamen themselves fall into three categories, Avalanche, Storm, and Death, and all three are extremely dangerous. Avalanche Shamen use Stone Prison to immobilize foes, and then Earthquakes to smash them, along with Ice Storms to reduce their accuracy. They can be very hard to defeat once you are locked in their trap. Storm Shamen blast you with lightning as well as short range Thunderclaps that can stun. Death Shamen are probably the easiest to defeat, but it's nearly impossible to keep them from summoning two Chambers before they fall. They also have Dark Blast attack that they use to pretty good effect.

The Bosses of the Pantheon appear to be some sort of wooden totems, animated by the power of the banished gods. The Totems are extremely powerful, and fire darts that can rip through an entire party of attackers at once. The Spirits of Pain, Desire, Sorrow and Death, fortunately, are a lot easier to defeat. They are floating masks of wood, which fire blasts of fire, mind, radiation and dark, respectively. They have no melee attacks, so assuming you can withstand their blasts long enough to deal the required amount of damage, they will fall rather easily.

The Freakshow

Threat Level: Medium-High (Level 20-40)
Origins: Technology
Damage Types: Physical, Energy
Minions: Freaks, Enforcers, Mad Freaks
Lieutenants: Chiefs, Captains
Bosses: Tanks
Locations: Independence Port, Talos Island, Terra Volta, Brickstown, Crey's Folly

The Freakshow are probably the most memorable and colorful villain groups in City of Heroes. One night, a particularly wild group of gang members happened across an armored truck full of drugs developed by Crey Industries. They took the drugs, and found that it increased their strength and tolerance for pain to superhuman levels. Soon realizing that their resiliance meant that they could alter their bodies with cheap cybernetic implants, almost cobbled together from junk parts, they wasted no time in turning themselves into drug-addled, metal-limbed cyborgs. They have a real love for violence and wild parties, and preach anarchy and raging against "the system".

Freaks are for the most part hand to hand fighters, although the Juicers charge their bodies up with electrical generators so they can throw lightning bolts. The more dangerous of these are the Stunners, which can actually sleep foes, and they should be dealt with first. The Smashers can also be surprisingly dangerous, as their sledgehammer blows can sometimes stun. As lightning attacks drain Endurance, Juicers and Stunners can also cause End problems in large groups. Freakshow also have the annoying habit of rezzing themselves, forcing you to fight them all over again.

The Freak Tanks, however, are probably the biggest wusses in the whole game. They look huge and dangerous, and both their physical blows and the grenades they can launch pack quite a whallop. Get them close to defeat, however, and they will run like cowards. Maybe it's the drugs, or maybe the Freakshow are really not as wild and violent as they like to think they are. Either way, it can get annoying to chase them down if you do not have a hold or stun.

Devouring Earth

Threat Level: Medium-High (Levels 20-50)
Origins: Science
Damage Types: Physical, Toxic
Minions: Bladegrass, Bedrock, Geode, Razorvine, Deathspore, Fungoid
Lieutenants: Fungoid, Herder
Bosses: Devoured
Locations: Independence Port, Talos Island, Terra Volta, Founder's Falls, Crey's Folly, Eden

The Devouring Earth is a group of walking plant monsters, who want nothing less than the elimination of all humankind from the face of the Earth. They are led by the Hamidon, an enourmous single celled monster that has infested all of Eden. The horrible truth is that many of the Devoured are former humans who have been mutated into plants by the power of Hamidon, and this may be a clue to the Hamidon's identity as well.

The forces of the Devouring Earth are all quite powerful, but it is fortunate that most of their attacks are physical. Bladegrasses and Bedrocks, although they pack a powerful punch, can be dealt with easily. Unfortunately, it is the Fungoid that is the true threat. Note that Fungoid are found as both Minions and Lieutenants, and even the Minion forms have the ability to throw handfuls of spores, which will put a hero to sleep and leave him helpless.

The Lieutenant form of the Fungoid is even MORE dangerous, as he has the ability to summon The Swarm, an annoying pest of a Minion that interrupts sniper attacks and slows down your attack rate. The Swarm is so accurate it can even bite through Force Fields, so it is almost impossible to avoid. Its damage is minor, so it is not really a threat, but if your strategy depends on Sniper attacks it can be fatal to be caught off guard by them.

Fungoid Lieutenants also have the ability to summon Fungi, which are small immobile Minions that radiate a field that protects their allies from status effects. Herders also have the ability to summon the Swarm, as well as the Tree of Life, a similar stationary Minion that heals all allies in its radius. Between these three summoning effects, and their ability to sleep and stun, Fungoid and Herders are more dangerous that any other Devouring Earth, even the Bosses. Concentrate on them and take them out first, preferably from a distance with sniper attacks. If you are a Scrapper or Tanker, close in on them carefully, and be wary of their status effects. Even if you have a good status defense, take them out quickly, and watch out for the Trees of Life and Fungi as well.


Threat Level: High (Levels 30-50)
Origins: Natural, Science
Damage Types: Physical, Ice
Minions: Patrol Guard, Riot Guard, Field Agent, Medic, Scientist, etc
Lieutenants: Special Agents
Bosses: Paragon Protectors
Locations: Brickstown, Founder's Falls, Crey's Folly, Eden

Crey Industries is the most powerful corportation in the world of City of Heroes. Its Paragon Protectors are supposed to be an elite team of heroes that protect Paragon City. However, Crey Industries is involved in a number of "black" projects, and has made some mistakes in areas like Crey's Folly that Countess Crey will do anything to cover up.

It takes quite a while to get to the point where you can take on Crey, and so it's rewarding to know that they can be quite a bit of a challenge. The primary threat from Minions is in the Medic, which has the ability to heal his allies. Many Crey agents also carry the standard Crey Pistol, which is a freeze weapon capable of holding an unprepared hero.

I have not gotten high enough in level where I can take on the Paragon Protectors, and the Crey Tanks. However, I expect them to be sufficiently tough. For now, Crey has a similar feel to the Council, a challenge, but not too much of a challenge. Note that while it can be hard to find low level Crey in Founder's Falls or Crey's Folly, making the second Costume Mission seem difficult, in fact they are quite common around the monorail in Brickstown, even though the tailor makes no mention of Crey being in Brickstown.

The Rikti

Threat Level: High (Levels 30-50)
Origins: Science, Mutant
Damage Types: Physical, Energy, Radiation
Minions: Infantry, Conscript, Communications Officer, Drone
Lieutenants: Headman Gunman
Bosses: Chief Mentalist, Chief Soldier
Locations: Founder's Falls, Crey's Folly, Eden, Rikti Crash Site

The Rikti are the most dangerous threat the City of Heroes universe has ever faced. Drawn to Paragon City from another dimension, their attack all but wiped out all of the existing superheroes, and left Paragon City in ruins. Even while the city tries to recover, the Rikti are still hiding out and planning their next move.

The organization of the Rikti bears an uncanny resemblance to The Lost, as does their choice of weapons. Of course, that's not much of a coincidence, as it is known that the Lost are using discovered Rikti technology. The real threat, as with the Lost, are the Rikti with mental attacks, who usually also have the ultra powerful swords as well. The pattern of a Chief Mentalist teamed with an Infantry or Constript continues to hold with the Rikti. Also of note are the infamous Rikti Monkeys, Underlings which are of little threat alone, but which are usually found roaming Crey's Folly in huge packs

As noted above, the Lost missions begin to occasionally have Rikti in them around level 25 or so, and they begin to tail off as you take your first Rikti missions. There is obviously a connection between the Lost and the Rikti, as the Lost are using Rikti weapons. However, the secret about the Rikti links them and the Lost in a totally unexpected way.


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