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English story for class 1, story for class 1, He sees the boy. Some ant was going near her house. That boy did not know. Where does this ant go So he watches them. After some time the ant brings some food from her house. That boy is very angry. Because that ant had brought some food from her house. He starts killing them. The ant was very small. So she does not say anything.

1- Two Best English story for class 1 with moral

English story for class 1 with moral | | 4 Best Story English | (1)

After some time, that boy’s mother comes. She says. Why do you kill them Says the boy. This ant brings food to our house. It was taking our food. So I get very angry. Mother says. You shouldn’t have been angry Because this ant is very small. You don’t know This ant works very hard. It also works a lot during the day. Because it knows. Hard work leads to everything

Ant’s hard work: –

Says the boy. It takes a lot of hard work. Mother says. It brings very little food. They have to do a lot of work. After that they get food. It also works at night. Now that boy had understood. He was bothering those ants. she did not know. This ant works very hard. From today, that boy also works hard. He too has to work very hard in his studies.

Moral of the story: –

story for class 1, So he had seen the ant. She works very hard From today, that boy studies with his heart. We should also work hard in our lives. Because when that ant can work very hard. We also have to work hard. This story teaches us to work hard. If you liked this story. Share it.

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2- The story of the fox and the lion :- English story for class 1 with moral

This story is about the lion and the fox. He was sitting inside the Lion Cave. The fox comes. The lion looks at him. After that he gets very angry. Because he does not like fox. Now he feels. Why has the fox come here? He tells the lion to the fox. Why have you come here? She says fox. I want to be friends with you. On hearing this, Lion starts thinking.

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Because he doesn’t know. Why does the fox want to be friends with me? He tells the fox. Why do you want to be friends with me? says the fox. You are the king. Here all the animals are afraid of you. is strong now. Lion is very happy to hear this. While the fox knows. It bothers everyone. That’s why Lion should get a lesson. When Lion gets very happy. She says fox. Now you want to be friends with me.

Lion doesn’t say anything yet. She says fox. I have found the prey for you. He is with me. says Lion. I am hungry. So he befriends the fox. then asks. Where is your victim? She says fox. You go with me After that the fox takes that lion with him. She comes near a pond. she says. At that place he is seeing a tree. He has.

Now Lion becomes very happy. He comes near that tree. But there was no victim at that place. Now Lion asks. Where is he hunting? says the fox. You haven’t looked down. says Lion. This is a hill. Where is the hunting here? Now comes the fox. Drops that lion. Lion dies. Because no one can escape below that hill. All this was done by the fox. Because all the animals were very upset.

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Moral of the story: –

English story for class 1 with moral, The fox had taught that lion a lesson. One thing should be remembered in life. You should work with your understanding. Lion was very proud. That’s why the fox did all this. No one should ever bother in life. If you liked this story. Please do share.

3- Parrot story :- English story for class 1 with moral

This is the story of the parrot. We get to know in this story. We don’t want to copy. Because copying does not give us the right path. That parrot always used to come to a house. He used to listen to that man. After that the parrot used to remember him. After that the parrot would fly away. Always used to say that thing. He was imitating a parrot. Its just matter of one day. The parrot sits on a tree.

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After that he sees the parrot. A man is sitting under a tree. The parrot was watching him. The man looks up. A parrot is sitting. The man talks to the parrot. the man says. Where does this road lead? Do you know He says parrot. I go to that man’s house everyday. After that I listen to him. I remember his words. That man thinks. This parrot is speaking. It knows my language. That man thinks. It can guide me the right way. He tells the parrot.

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English story for class 1 with moral, Where does this road lead? That parrot then talks about that man’s house. He says. I go to his house everyday. After that I listen to him. That man thinks. This parrot is not showing the way. He is speaking his mind. I feel. This parrot is copying. It doesn’t know anything. After that the man leaves from that place. This story tells us. Nothing happens in life by copying. Feels good for a while. But after that we need knowledge. That’s why one should not copy in life. If you liked this story at all. Please do share.

4- Never lie best story in english :- “story for class 1”

This story is of a girl. Who used to say a lot of lies. He also used to harass the villagers. He used to think All people get upset due to lying. After that he liked very much. One day, the boy says. A wolf has arrived. Hearing this, everyone comes to that boy. But there was no wolf here. They say There is nothing here.

Wolf came: –

Why were you saying The wolf has come here. Says the boy. I have troubled you. Hearing this, he says. You should not lie But that boy does not listen. Because he loves to lie. The other day also says that boy. The wolf has arrived. He is attacking me. All men come to hear this. Because he wanted to help the boy.

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But there was no wolf at that place. They say You lie You should not lie But that boy does not listen to them. Two days later, the boy thinks. Even today I will have the same thing. After that everybody can come. The boy saw it. The wolf is standing in front. He gets very scared. Because today that wolf had arrived. The boy calls everyone. But they still think today. He is lying

Does not help: –

story for class 1, Nobody comes to help him. This story teaches us. We should not lie in life Because by lying, we can get into a big problem. If you liked this English story for class 1 with moral. Please do share.

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